Picked these up and out daughter loves them already. Got them off Amazon (non-affiliate link below)

Our sleeping bags arrived. It’s like Christmas… got these on Amazon and they were pretty inexpensive for how nice and compact they are.

Good for -2c to 15c which is about 28f-60f. They have a zipper along the left side and there is lots of room for a fairly tall person in here. Probably good for people up to about 6′ and change. Not for anyone too big – width wize, this is more for “fit” sizes people except not like body builders who might be too broad to fit the mummy shape.

We picked up two because we will be going camping this year and wanted something nice and small and light. These are small enough for backpacking or hiking sleeping bags. Probably need a foamy or air mattress is the ground is not level where you’re going. All around, I am very pleased with them.

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For the price, there are wonderful. I would recommend them. Also good if you have a small car or something or you want to save room on storage or packing.